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18. Mai 2014
von Nici
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Happy Birthday Natalia!

Happy Birthday Natalia!

Today is your day :) Enjoy it! Let give you a lot of presents and nice people around you!

Have a lovely day at the Martín Fierro Awards ♥ ♥ ♥

Love from Germany,

Ps: For all who are curious how old Naty is 😉 A woman has no age 😉


4. Mai 2014
von Nici
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Some new/old photos…

I have for you some new and old photos :)

First new ones:

Natalia & Marcela Morelo, fit dresses for a Gala, 30 April:

And some older ones:
Shooting in Montevideo, 20 Feb.:

This is a shoot for the current Mundial in Brasil. :) Let’s guess, Natalia is for Uruguay 😉

Have fun with the new/old pics :)


23. April 2014
von Nici
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Bunch of gallery updates!

I have for you a bunch of photos with Natalia, from earlier years… :)

Candids >2007 >Uruguay Airport, 15 March

Candids > 2010 > On way to the iPad premiere in Buenos Aires, 17 September

Events > 2002 > FIFA World Cup Japan, 15 February

Events > 2010 > iPad premiere in Argentina, 17 September

Events > 2003 > cleopatra presentation, seminci film festival in valladolid spain, 27 October

Concerts > 2001 > Cusco Peru, 30 June

Pressconferences > 2012 > Infancia Clandestina, 3 September

Pressconferences > 2013 > Dar la teta es dar lo mejor de vos, 7 May

Pressconferences > 2013 > Greenpeace Russia, 12 December

Enjoy them :)


20. April 2014
von Nici
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Natalia’s stay in Russia – Fotolog!

I have for you tons of photos with Natalia, in Russia! Now you can see the whole stay in pictures :)

Flying to Russia & Arriving in Russia:

Buenos Aires, Airport, 15 April.

Arriving in Russia, Moscow Airport, 16 April.

Then, Natalia was on her way to record the show ‘Vecherniy Urgant’, 17 April.

Recording the show ‘Vecherniy Urgant’, 17 April.

Audiocheck before ‘Superdiscoteka’, 18 April.

Fans Reunion with Naty, 18 April.

Then Natalia was on her way, to sign autographs in a shopping center in Russia, 18 April.

In the shopping center, 18 April.

Those are the important dates Naty had in Russia, till the concert 😉